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Taken List!

Tags: au characters!
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Deleted comment

Actually there's someone already interested in playing Groundon ;; I'm sorry!

Deleted comment

Yes! :>
I'm Pikari, and here's the account!
Added! And don't forget to track the plot post :>
u-um. derp.

I held back for a while but suddenly got hit with inspiration and I'd still have, like, 7,000 icons to make but. Showing interest in Regirock? this guy as the PB, if that's important...

Oh, and my name's Sarah!
Just make the account and I'll add you in the list <3
I'll be using this journal, then. /starts looking for expressions for iconing
Added and don't forget to tag the Plot post :>
Uwaah, if I could, can I pick up Zapdos? :O Journal will be made in a bit.

Blame Zuzu for this? <3
Of course you can! :>
Ah, wonderful~ <3 Here's his journal. Possible PB is going to be him unless I can find a better one. :3
I approve of the PB :>! Just tell me your name and I'll add you in a moment!
Sweet! You can just call me Peaches, then! Zapdos will be arriving once his icons are finish! :D
Added to the list! And don't forget to track the plot post :>
Aye! Will do~
Um I was wondering if my friend could play Regigigas? She's expressed interest and is still working on an account :P
This is the said friend. sup.
Of course it's fine :> Sorry for the late reply!
Ahh, no problem it's all good.
Thanks then, I'll be picking up Regigigas with this account. I'm Guy.
Track the plot post I should?
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