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Relationships in the Dressing Room!

Mew ←→ [antecedes ]
❝ Articuno adores her because she resembles his Mew back at home. He will play with her if she's around alone and he will do anything to see her happy. She was the first person he met in the island and he's rather fond of her already.❞

Red Persian ←→ [redpersianisred ]
❝ He can tell how much love she has as a mother and he respects that. Their talk was really short, but he will always remember how much she cared for her child.❞

Darkrai ←→ [mauvaisepomme ]
❝ Articuno remembers her from the meetings, even if she's not the one from his world. Yet, as a fellow Legendary Pokemon, he shows her the respect she deserves.❞

Ninetails ←→ [rockon_rokon]
❝ She was the first pokemon he met that wasn't a Legendary one in having an human form. Of course, even if it was because of the island, he still acted respectfully and offered his help.❞

Ash Ketchup (Older, Occasionaly Gym Leader) ←→ [notinmtsilver]
❝ Despite that he's the Choosen One according to Lugia, he's learing to call him Ash so he could stop using that name. He's rather fond of this Ash because he talked with his Pokemon and they seem to adore him, reason enough to Articuno to be more sociable with him. He considers him as a friend.❞

Gary Oak ←→ [makenopoem
❝ The first Gary Articuno met and he's glad for it. After introducing himself, he intiated a judgment on him, which lucky was good for him so the old bird would be glad to help him in what he can during his time on the island.❞

Marilou ←→ [idkmybffmack]
❝ He met her when she was trying to capture a Doduo in a strange way. But he noticed why she was doing it and he needed to hear it from her pokemos. She cared from them a lot and that was reason enough for him to offer his help as the noble bird he is. He's fond of her because of her personality.❞

Rocky ←→ [roark_balboa
❝ His personality amuses Articuno, but the kid means well and his Pokemon looks happy with him around. He gave him a National Pokedex so he could learn about other species around, and because he knew he would use it more than him.❞

Green ♀ ←→ [greenorbust
❝ Articuno surprised her in their first meeting when he carried her bags to help Rhydon. After introducing himself, their conversation moved to an awkward one and Articuno doesn't know what to say most of the time. Still, he knows she's a good trainer because Rhydon told him such a thing, so at least he's pleased because of that.❞

Lorelei ←→ [wintery_witch ]
❝ The first trainer that is specializated in Ice-Type Pokemon, which makes him feel comfortable. During their talk, he noticed that she shared his point of view and seems to get along pretty well. Still, he doesn't have a great relationship as he has with Ash yet.❞

Archer ←→[rocketstothesun
❝ He completly hates Archer. Not only because he used his brother to kick his ass fight, but also because he could tell that Zapdos didn't like to be with him. Yet, he dislikes him to no end, and his hate for Team Rocket have just increased after it.❞

Seiko ←→ [notnamed_joy ]
❝ He really appreciates what she did for him, despite she didn't know anything about him.❞

Silver ←→ [tsuuuun ]
❝ Articuno is glad that he could met him, and is in debt for his help. He can tell that he was good intentions, and he appreciates it really inside him. His relationship is not so close like the one with Ash, but he seems interested in him now.❞

Ash Ketchup (AU, Mute!Ash) ←→ [silencedtrainer ]
❝ His heart means well, like the other Ash, and Articuno knows that. He was kind enought to help even if they only talked once. He's grateful for it, and will try to help him as much as he can. He's not so close to this Ash as he is with the other one.❞

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